The Playbook To Scaling Sales

If your startup is on the cusp of raising a series B, you’ve probably gotten some traction and you’re likely looking to double, triple, even 10x your revenue. You’re excited. You’re ready to grow your sales department.

Five Common Mistakes To Avoid

Before starting on the playbook, Cole first warns executives to avoid certain potholes. Averting these fundamental errors will make it easier for you to execute on her scaling playbook. Here are the top five mistakes she sees in startups attempting to scale their sales departments:

1. Failing to account for customer-product fit.

“Your product roadmap is about making your target customer successful, not just signing up any and every customer. While it’s natural to be testing different targets, once you get that data, hone in on who the right customer is,” Cole says. “If you’re just chasing every target that’s out there, you’ll never gain the efficiency you need to build a really high-performing team.”

“Take the sniper — not the shotgun — approach to customer acquisition.”

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