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RiSE is a proven solution for scaling revenue. A team with decades of experience in sales and leadership at early stage, fast growth companies; we understand the challenges you’re facing. The RiSE program integrates with your organization, providing the strategy, infrastructure and expertise you need to grow.

75% of start up fail. You won’t be one of them.


Building and implementing the right Go To Market plan and revenue foundation is critical to scaling: managing your plan is essential to consistent productivity. Our programs ensure that you have the components you need to hit your plan.

Save Time and Operating Cost

Think of us as an extension of your team.  As experts in Go To Market and revenue growth, we customize and implement the infrastructure you need quickly, hire the right people, and help you manage your sales operations…faster and more cost efficiently.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Our expert-led team has made all of the scaling mistakes so you don’t have to. We combine years of experience in early and growth stage companies with a best in class foundation roadmap and our guidance to help you get it right the first time.

Our Programs

Develop and implement a best in class Go To Market plan and infrastructure to drive revenue and reduce execution risk

  • Go To Market

Proactively manage your sales operations, enablement & team to build a consistent pipeline

  • Sales Operations
  • Sales Leadership

Take your operations and team enablement to the next level to drive predictable revenue

  • Sales Operations

Find A+ talent to execute your plan

  • Account Executives
  • SDRs
  • Sales Leadership
  • Account Managers/Success
  • Sales Operations/Enablement


Olof Mathe
CEO, Mixmax

“The structure and process Mandy put in place not only doubled our rep productivity and tripled our deal size, but it gave our new head of sales a framework to scale faster and saved us from making costly mistakes.”

Paul Kline
VP Sales, CoverWallet

“My managers received the coaching foundation they need to develop their teams, while their reps were learning the habits that set them up for success…and it happened in weeks, not months.”

Raymond Rahbar
CEO & Co-founder, MakeOffices

“The Cole Method gave us the strategy, structure and process we needed to scale, helping us double our close rate with a more engaged team. It’s a MUST for any high-growth business”

Claire Tomkins
CEO, Future Family

“I can’t recommend RiSE highly enough! You get all the strategic chops of a CRO with all of the implementation of a full sales management and sales ops team. We saw an efficiency gain of 30% in the first quarter, and now have a “machine” in place from a fully operational process to a highly efficient team.”

Albert Staley
Sales Director, Peek (former Director, insidesales.com)

“We’ve seen a 40% increase in our team hitting monthly targets…and they love the program! From process to tech, everything we need to drive performance happened in under 3 months.”

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